ITQAN Program was established in 2009. It began in the form of a Halaqah program in Idaman, Kuala Lumpur, as an extension of Muath Program for Quranic education in Yemen, which was established in 1985. This program is characterized by an original and effective methodology. Thousands of Hafizes and Mujaz have graduated from this program, which has seen proven success in many countries. This program focuses on recitation, memorization and understanding of the Holy Quran at the same time.

ITQAN Program is officially registered under a Malaysian licensed foundation named “Yayasan Pendidikan ITQAN” (529795-U). The ITQAN Program continues to develop gradually and has grown to comprise 717 male and female students (local & international) from 44 nationalities in 55 classes (Halaqah) that are spread in 7 centers. It provides various Quranic programs, such as from which Quranic Halaqah, Ijazah & Sanad, Training Program for imams & Bilals and Quran Program for Public. ITQAN also organizes a countrywide annual Quranic contest that is offered with advanced levels.

ITQAN has signed several cooperation agreements with Quranic and other relevant institutions, locally and overseas. ITQAN has received many testimonials from scholars, academicians, educationalists, and notables.

ITQAN Profile