Quranic education is one of the most important forms of education that contributes to building values, disseminating virtues and refining morals, being revelation and as it balances between spirit demands and the understanding of human mind.
ITQAN is entrusted with the message of teaching the noble Quran, the message of guidance and moral superiority to all mankind.
ITQAN ensures to provide its programs with excellence, ease, and affordability, based on moderation approach, and focusing on inculcating Quranic values and morals.
ITQAN works on strategic dimensions, such as meeting the need of Malaysian community in providing Quranic education to all community sections; in addition to working to be a local and regional reference for its accumulated experience and integrated systems.
ITQAN aspires to be a global center for Quranic education that provides distinguished programs, starting from kindergarten to the teaching of correct recitation to older people, with emphasis on specialized programs in Quran memorization, its sciences, and its teaching methods; in addition to other programs such as courses, workshops, forums, and conferences.

Dr. Nashwan Bin Abdo Khaled
Founding Director